Property Management

Mackay Property & Management Services is dedicated to providing real estate owners with the best property management services in the Mackay area. Whether you need residential or commercial property management, our friendly team have the expertise to make all aspects of it easier for you and ensure you get the best returns from your investment.

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 Residential Property Management 

Whether you’re new to the world of real estate or have a raft of properties already under your belt, you will have undoubtedly realised that it’s not easy to keep on top of all of your responsibilities. From finding a tenant to maintaining the house and completing paperwork, there are many aspects to take care of. This is where Mackay Property & Management Services comes in. We can deal with everything from securing an appropriate agreement to day-to-day communication with the tenant, alongside helping you to draft legal lease agreements.

You deserve the best returns on your property and we are committed to helping you achieve them. Get in contact today for more information about our residential property management services.

Residential Property Mackay
Commercial Property Management - Mackay

 Commercial Property Management 

Leasing out a property for commercial use can come with a raft of confusing agreements to sign and leases to understand. The specialist team here at Mackay Property & Management Services is well-versed to assist you with every aspect of commercial property management. No matter the size, location or function of your property, we can help to maximise its potential and reach the best clients so that your investment makes a profit, not a loss.

Commercial property agreements have different terms to residential ones and are covered by different regulations, so don’t get caught out and let us help you to understand your rights as the property owner. Reach out to us today for a chat about how we can help you with commercial property management.

Why Choose Mackay Property & Management Services?

Our team is made up of a variety of property experts who are determined to help property owners in the Mackay area make the most out of their real estate and manage it smoothly. We take each client on a case-by-case basis, listening to what you need help with. Our prices are affordable and flexible, so don’t hesitate to give us a call 07 4998 5989 if you need help with property management in Mackay.